The Napiarissat River isn’t for everyone. Not because it is challenging to fish, or because the hiking is tough – the fishing is spectacular, and the hiking couldn’t be easier. But when we were granted concession on this gem of a river in late 2017, we decided to do something different from the programs we offer on Erfalik and Camp North.

On Napiarissat, we offer the perfect setting for a family or a group of friends wanting to fish one of the best rivers in Greenland without having to share the water with anyone else! Availability is limited as several weeks are pre-booked by our partner Denmark Fishing & Outdoor Lodge.


Imagine a day of fly fishing on a river that’s full of possibly the strongest species of anadromous fish swimming anywhere. Imagine having such a river all to yourself. If you fish with someone, they’re friends. If you meet someone on the river, they’re friends. And if you need a little solitude, there is more than enough water to find it.


After another great day, a dozen good fish landed, you hike back into camp. An eagle circles above. You get out of your waders, make your way to the dining tent for an after-fishing drink while the chef is preparing the evening meal – and all the faces of your close friends await you. The stories start flowing, the laughter starts building and it all continues well into the evening. The midnight sun will not tell you when it’s time for bed, so you have to remind yourself not to get too carried away. Because tomorrow you all need to get up and do it all again!


The camp is located close to the river mouth. During an incoming tide, fresh char can be caught as they pass through the tidal sea pool next to camp. Some fish will hold here for a while, but most of them continue their journey upriver. They have several kilometres to spread out before they reach a waterfall.

While the big pool in front of the waterfall always holds lots of fish, this isn’t the end station for the arctic char. Above the fall, many additional kilometres of beautiful, clear water awaits offering additional opportunities for sight-fishing – if you fancy a change from swinging streamers or skating foam flies. If you hike far enough, there are two shorter sections of river between three lakes, the third of those mark the ending of the fishable water on Napiarissat.


SEASON: July-August.

FLY TO: Sisimiut via Copenhagen, Denmark.

Day 1: Arrival in Copenhagen, stay at hotel (optional).
Day 2: Morning flight to Sisimiut via Kangerlussuaq, transfer to Hotel Sisimiut,
afternoon sight seeing in town or relax at the hotel.
Day 3: Boat transfer to camp, fishing the rest of the day.
Day 4-9: Six days (and nights) of fishing.
Day 10: Boat transfer to Hotel Sisimiut.
Day 11: Morning flight back to Copenhagen.

PRICE: On request – get in touch!



    If you need more general information, check our Greenland FAQ here.

    We only fish during prime weeks, which is the reason our bookings are usually well spread out. It’s not like the same one or two weeks always sell out first.

    At Napiarissat, you’ll find only fresh fish early in the season. From late July, there will be a mix of fresh fish and some that are already colored. Later in the season, it mainly comprises colored fish, with some fresh ones in the lower parts of the river.

    All weeks are good, so we usually advise guests to choose the week that suits their calendar well.

    The camp is located approx. 55 kilometres south of Sisimiut, Greenland’s second largest city with 5600 inhabitants. It sits on the banks of the Napiarissat River, close to the river mouth.

    To get to Sisimiut, you will need to fly to Copenhagen, Denmark (overnight in hotel) and then transfer to Sisimiut via Kangerlussuaq, Greenland. It’s approx. 4,5 hrs. from Copenhagen to Kangerlussuaq, and then a short domestic flight of 30 min. to Sisimiut. You arrive early afternoon, settle in at Hotel Sisimiut and have the rest of the afternoon for sightseeing and relaxation. The next day you transfer to the lodge by boat (approx. 2,5 hrs. transfer time).

    On the Napiarissat River, and occasionally in front of the river mouth for cod, or char heading for the river mouth.

    In a tent camp overlooking the river. All guests stay in individual tents. The camp has a big, steel framed tent for dining and socializing. We run generators so it’s possible to recharge cameras etc.

    The meals are tasty and made with the chef’s full dedication.
    Most of our guests are impressed with what our chefs comes up with, especially when taking the remoteness of the location into consideration.
    Breakfast will be eggs, bacon, bread, cereals etc. And for lunch, we put out bread, cold meat, and cold cuts so you can make a couple of sandwiches to keep you going throughout the day.
    If you would like us to step it up cooking-wise, we can work whatever you prefer into the budget.

    Since we mainly use this river for private groups, a typical day is pretty much like you would like it to be. Breakfast at seven one day, nine the next day … fine with us. Finish early one evening, fish late the next and enjoy dinner at ten? No problem.
    It’s an easy-going and flexible schedule as there is light enough to fish 20-24 hours a day, depending on the season.

    From two minutes to two hours. Most of the time, a thirty-minute walk will take you to some of the most productive parts of the river, and then it’s up to you to decide how much more water you would like to cover.

    It’s typically either swinging streamers, skating foam flies, or sometimes nymphing. While some methods are more productive than others, we encourage the methods that are the most fun. Nothing beats catching char on foam flies skated across the surface – but the fish aren’t always in the mood for that. Other times, you can sight-fish for them with small streamers. And when you really need a pull, swinging a weighted streamer or fishing a nymph will usually get it done.

    Enough! While we have certainly seen our weeks of “silly numbers”, we are not at all into encouraging our anglers to hammer the water and land as many char as humanly possible. And you will never see us advertising weekly catch rates to fill more spots.
    Because we mainly book Napiarissat for private and smaller groups it sees less fishing pressure than other prolific rivers in Greenland. And that doesn’t exactly make the fish harder to catch.

    Foam flies, streamers and nymphs. We provide a Pre Trip Planner with detailed information on flies.

    A nine-foot six weight, preferably with a fight butt is our go-to rod but a five weight with some backbone will do as well. It is a good idea to bring at least two rods, in the event that one breaks.

    We mostly fish floating lines and leaders are 12-16 lbs (0,28-0,33 mm), occasionally lighter when nymphing.

    No. The Napiarissat River is under concession and it is not allowed for other anglers to visit.

    In certain spots it might make sense to wade in, but we fish in breathable waders mostly because it’s nice to be able to cross the river to reach all the good fishing spots. It’s super easy wading in water that is never more than knee-deep, and there is no need for a wading stick or special soles etc.

    Nope, no Internet service, and no cell service. Just a whole lot of peace and quiet.